Good Start


A few days ago, I met a friend, I haven’t seen her in 3 years and had lunch together.
When I started leaning photo, I met her in the class, we met through photography.

At that time, everything whatever we experienced in the classvroom, was very exciting. We enjoyed from the bottom o our heart, we had a great time together. “I had the most fun at that time. It was so excited, and I thought ‘There was such a fun world!'” she said. I was very glad to know that she thought so, too. We looked back together that “The photobook” was really impressive. Even though I had just started photography and was all I could do with just taking pictures, creating my own world by photobook was a high hurdle. But by the support of the teacher, we could succeed to make it. That was about 7 years ago.

I think that the first meeting was really important to do something. Good start keeps on going, therefore I still enjoy photographs now. Because of stunning teacher, friends and great experiences. Of course, I would like to face it firmly so that it will be a “good start” for something new that I will encounter in my life from now on.






My first photo book, 2016/2017.

Thank you.