Happy Spiral

“I smile, you smile. Therefore, I smile. “

His name is Chibita, Shiba dog. We spent long time together. He always smiled on his waks, when he was playing and when he wanted a snack. His smile made me so happy and brightened up my life. Yes, his smile was full of happiness.! On our walks we saw over and over again that Chibita’s smile brought smiles to people’s faces. Smile is contagious. They make people feel happy and make them want to smile back. Chibita taught me this. It’s very simple, but sometime I forgot. I believe we can make peace all over the world, simply by smiling. This is the Happy Spiral. I would like to share lovely dog’s smiling, called “Angel smile” here.


May this world be filled with many smiles.

I always walk to find Ange Smile in Japan now. If these smiles create another one, that’s completely my joy. May this world be filled with many smiles.


“Angel smile”

Update on the 7th day of every month.

Thank you so much.